Friday, December 07, 2007


I had to laugh when i read the first line of liv's latest offering:

"another self indulgent post " she wrote.

Isn't blogging really all self-indulgent posts? I mean, here we are writing about the minutia of our lives and the even minuter minutia of our brains.

I wish liv was here today. I need a girly girl to go shopping with me and help me find a top to wear to tomorrow night's work party for The Mister. I want something that will show off the girls, which will be at eye level for most of the men.

The dinner is being held at one of the most exclusive restaurants in Seattle. There will be plenty of libation. We were told to take a cab so we could indulge freely in these libations.

It would cost us about $100 to take a cab from where we live. Some free dinner.


I got a huge laugh today when i was out walking. I walked past a Jiffy Lube place that had lost its "J". Big bold sign declaring IFFY LUBE.

I think my laughing frightened the woman who was a few yards ahead of me. She sped up a little. I could have caught up with her if i had wanted to though.


The symptoms:

  • Staying in the shower every morning until my fingers turn into little wrinkled prunes.
  • Drinking more than a medicinal amount of wine with dinner.
  • Being desirous of going to bed at 4:30 pm, when it is fully dark.
  • Wanting to stay in bed until 7:30 am, when some light finally appears outside.
  • Inability to do housework, or any work for that matter.
  • Eating cake for breakfast, with ice cream.

The cure:

  • Light
  • Sunshine
  • Warmth


Maddy said...

Oh you poor petal, you have my every sympathy with the dark, cold weather. I remember all too clearly waking up in the dark and it being dark before 4 in the afternoon, year after year after year.......and then we moved ot California.

This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

Platypus said...

I sympathise - this weather has me feeling exactly the same way. In fact everyone I know seems to be feeling the same way - which given that Christmas is rapidly approaching, is causing problems! Mass apathy does not a celebration make... Ah well, only another four months or so until it improves!

Anonymous said...

Hello Ms. Meno: I find your blog entertaining. I don't know if you know who I am, but I own a very nice island in the middle of some lovely blue ocean. Perhaps you would like to take one of my private space shuttles and come for a visit? I can offer you and the Mister an assortment of libations, all you can eat, and an SPF of your choosing.

Do let me know your availability.


flutter said...

seems girl time is in high demand today!

Dick said...

Yep on the long hours of dark. Only two more weeks and it will sloooowly start moving to longer hours of daylight. I think that is what I miss most about no longer Snowbirding. The next thing is going out daily into mid-70s temperatures and knowing the sun will shine. On me, not just above the clouds. I guess we could move but there are problems with that, too. And I really don't think I'd like Arizona in July or August.

Mignon said...

Dude! Check on hiring a car for the night - sometimes it works out to be much cheaper than a cab. Or.. OR! Can you share a hired car with someone on the way?? I'm SO EXCITED TO BE GIVING SO MUCH ADVICE. AAACK.

Darkness. I know. It makes me want to shower a lot too. I think sleeping so much makes me oily.

meno said...

maddy, yes, California. Been there, done that. there is NO WHERE nicer than here in the summer, but the winter doth sucketh.

platyous, but it starts inoroving on December 21st. Slowly. I cling to that date.

richard, there are several million reasons why i find you attractive. And i am a VIRGIN.

flutter, girl time is always in high demand.

dick, why the hell aren't you a snowbird. Get the hell out of here dude!

mignon, i like it when you are excited. It's funny. I don't need to hire a car because i only get smashed in my own home, when there aren't people from anyone's work around.

Marshamlow said...

I just had to flick on the AC to get the house cool enough to sleep. Only cause we have company, otherwise I would have opened the windows or slept naked. Come south, we have beaches, sunshine, and Sue the Alligator.

ms chica said...

Yes, Liv would be the best candidate... and i prefer to think of it as self-preservation as opposed to self-indulgent, but sometimes adjectives are too flexible.
First date lube right?
I know the symptoms...I'm living the symptoms. Would lunch help? Email me or call if you think so.

fiwa said...

"I want something that will show off the girls, which will be at eye level for most of the men."

Oh my god, that line cracked me up. Go for a wrap shirt, that will do the girls proud. Someone just told me about getting one at Nordstroms.

Anonymous said...


Glitter shows off the girls.

alphawoman said...

You crack me up!

Jennifer said...

Our weather is so different, we might as well be livign on different coasts.

Oh wait!

We do!

I want winter. And lots of snow.

thailandchani said...

We just had our first rain of the entire season here! I feel like I'm living in a Skinner box! :)

Girlplustwo said...

hi sister. have fun. missed you. show off the rack and tell us all about it.

Anonymous said...

I've been craving KD, it's the carbs. I can't get sunlight so I guess the next best thing is carbs. The sun in these parts doesn't drag it's ass over the horizon until almost 9.

Lynnea said...

I think you should remove eating cake from that list of symptoms. Eating cake for breakfast is a perfectly acceptable activity.

Anonymous said...

Sigh. Richard Branson, and you haven't even flashed the girls yet.

I can't believe in this world of sexual harassment cases and drunk driving incidents that the management would encourage people to party down at a work-sponsored event. Can I send you my resume??

Have fun. Buy a biobrite lamp.

meno said...

marsha, we don't even HAVE air conditioning. Need more info on Sue.

ms. chica, ha ha. First date lube indeed! Lunch would help. You coming to visit?

fiwa, i just bought a wrap shirt and a push up bra. Should be amusing to watch them try to look me in the eye.

franki, you are a genius! I'll borrow some from my daughter.

alphawoman, excellent. laughing is good.

jennifer, i want snow too, but all we get is RAIN. Although today is beautiful and sunny, so now i am a liar too.

chani, oooh. Maybe i should stop bitching about the rain.

jen, missed you too. the girls will be in their full, albeit tasteful, glory. :)

deb, Krispy Donut? Karmel Dog? Korn Dog?

maggie, good, because i had cake for breakfast again this morning.

de, it is pretty odd isn't it I will check into those lamps, that's a good idea.

Mrs. Chili said...

The cure:

* Light
* Sunshine
* Warmth

Ya got any? 'Cause there ain't none here, neither (see? I MUST be suffering to be able to even WRITE that!)

TTQ said...

Nanny nanny nanny! I live in Florida la la la la.

Current temp 76.6 in my backyard and the sun is about to set at 5:45pm.

Scott from Oregon said...

A good way to show off the girls is to not wear and shirt at all (and jump rope or something ).

See, I just saved you 40 bucks.

QT said...

I hope you manage to package the girls nicely. One more week until I'm all up in your 'hood.

I will leave the DARK, 18 degree for a high weather here in the midwest - promise.

urban-urchin said...

the weather in the Seattle area is one of the reasons I couldn't live there- the other is my husband's sister is there. go to bed at 4:30- what the hell!

Sienna said...

This is terrible, over in Winnipeg Manitoba?'s hitting minus 34 degrees (my freezer only does .05!!) and you guys are having shitty cold-no sunshine weather too; it's almost incomprehensible to me the desert dweller of Oz.

It's wrong, Richard should fly you to here, and then onto the Great Barrier Reef.

I have never, ever, in my life experienced ongoing dark, drabby, cold, wet, snowy, freezing weather...bless the Poms for exporting the forefathers to Australia.

Hang in there mate..

Go out and have some fun, work those girls around the room.

Wish I could send you some of the blue sky-sunny weather...


Andrea Frazer said...

Please post a pic of you and the twins having a blast at the party.

Bobealia... said...

I thought cake and ice cream was a cure.

Anonymous said...

Sienna suggests an alternate agenda and I would be happy to oblige, putting my spacecraft or any of my airliners at your disposal.

Perhaps you would like to arrange a charter so you and the fabulous blog gal pals can all go frolic on a beach somewhere? (Just make sure if toplessness prevails that you have a lookout posted in case Scott or others start getting any ideas.)

Please advise what other amenities you require and I will take care of the arrangements.

meno said...

mrs. chili, i could only find those things if i traveled away from here, far away. And that be the truth! (See, we're both suffering.)

ttq, oh hush up you!

scott, hmmm, that would work, but do you think it's too obvious?

qt, the girls were the object of several furtive glances. :) See you soon!

pam, i think you are on to something. I'll call Richard's personal cell phone and see what he can do.

mamap, imagine the google hots i would get if i did that!

Bo, it does seem to help.

richard, all we need is some dental floss and some sunscreen. Oh, and maybe Raoul and Ramone to wave palm fronds over us and to keep the hoi polloi away. said...

I hate hate hate the dark nights!

I am back blogging again :-)


Anonymous said...

I am on strike against iffy lube because they charge to much and so often the boys there are insolent wrecks. I am all for minit lube. Or should I call it init lube? What I should really do is change my own oil and save myself a lot of waiting and money. Uh huh, that's going to happen.

Winter kind of sucks but you have to talk yourself into it. Go out with your camera and take a picture of something pretty, find something pretty. In the dark. If you have a fireplace, light a fire. Put up some Christmas lights wherever you can. Reflect them in a mirror if possible, where you can see them. Think about how much you LOVE the holiday season, and really, why not love it? There's no better choice.

And then tell capacious to shut the hell up already.

Unknown said...

There's nothing wrong with indulging oneself.

Susanne said...

I have been feeling a bit like that lately too. But then it will get lighter every day in only a few days time. Or so I tell myself.

crazymumma said...

ach. I haven't been to visit Liv in forever, going right after this.

Hope the 'girls' have a fun party...

egan said...

Taking a cab to the Olive Garden, priceless.

Mermaid Melanie said...

iffy lube... :lol:

I think that 100 spent on not having to drive, drink all you want and not worry about that nasty accident you may have to pay a lot more for when you are driving home in the rain? maybe call a limo service. maybe 20 bucks more, but you are worth it! When do you two do this kind of stuff anyway?


or just stay home. and get smashed there. fugget the party.

Anonymous said...

iffy lube. bwahaha. Sometimes the lube is iffy, but to announce it? funny.

Bob said...

I hope you and the girls had fun at the party.

Maybe you have seasonal affective disorder? There is a light therapy that is supposed to help with this, you get a special lamp that simulates sunlight (same color spectrum) and you spend time in front of it.

just a thought, in any case I hope you are doing well.

Unknown said...

Iffy Lube! I love it! There's a self-storage near where we live that had an 'S' out for the longest time, so it read "ELF STORAGE." They fixed it just before the holiday season last year, and hubby and I were disappointed because we'd planned to take our holiday picure with the sign as a backdrop.

Tink said...

Iffy Lube! That's awesome.

Wayfarer Scientista said...

long hot showers...I'm with you there.

meno said...

billygean, well hello! Welcome back.

anne, change your own oil! As if. I used to do that back when i was a real woman, but no way anymore. Getting my camera out now.

d-man, so you don't think the cake was a tad over the top?

suzanne, yes, every year the 22nd of December is the real holiday for me, because that's when the daylight starts, ever so slowly, to increase.

crazymumma, the girls were there, but they had more fun than i did.

egan, ha ha. Olive Garden. I wish, then dinner wouldn't have taken FOUR FUCKING HOURS!

melanie, eh, the Mister drove there and i drove home. If i'm gonna drink too much, it will be at home. If it hadn't have been work related, i would gave skipped it for sure.

my pool, i know, it cracked me right up.

bob, thanks. :) I might have a bit of SAD. I think i will look into getting a light, to see if it helps.

andrea, oh that would have been a great holiday picture!!! Maybe some photo shopping is in order.

tink, check out ms. chica's comment.

egan said...

True, they turn over tables at the Olive Garden faster than Red Robin. Well, that would be a close competition.