Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fee fi fo fum, i smell a baby

Last night a friend and i went to see Dar Williams and Shawn Colvin at the Woodland Park Zoo. No, they weren't an exhibit. Every summer the zoo has a series of wonderful low key concerts. We all sit on blankets on a big lawn and eat the picnic food that we legally brought in and drink the wine that we snuck in in poly bottles.

These women can really sing. A secret of mine is that nearly everyday i regret that i can't sing. No false modesty here, i cannot sing. Small children are frightened when i try.

At the concert, there was a group of lesbians sitting in front of us with a couple of very young children. One of them, although he was a boy, looked like Em when she was a baby. Skin so pale it looked like the underside of a fish. Little wisps of pale blonde hair. (Em was basically bald until she was two.) I got this craving to pick up this little boy and smell him. Mmmmm. Baby. But i wasn't sure his parents would understand. I was nostalgic for Em as a baby, which is unusual as i so enjoy her now. I even wanted to come home and smell her, but she spent last night at a friend's house. Won't she be suprised when i go to pick her up and start sniffing her neck?

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