Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Venus and Mars are alright tonight.

When my daughter reached puberty, a polite euphemism for menstruation, we had a ceremony. I am not religious, so no bat mitvahs or communions for us. But I thought it would be fun and memorable to mark the occasion in some way.

So, along with her cousin, who reached puberty about the same time, and my sister-in-law (cousin’s mother) we created a ceremony. We went out to dinner and ate ravioli w/red sauce. Red wine was consumed by the adults. We came home and made a fire on the beach and drank cranberry juice. Sister-in-law gave the two girls blood stone bracelets. Part of an essay by Gloria Steinem was read. “If men menstruated, pads and tampons would be covered by insurance.” Much giggling and silliness ensued.

Mars, the red planet, was very bright that night. Bright enough to leave a reddish path (how appropriate) of light across the water so the two girls went skinny dipping by planetlight.

Sometimes it's hard to connect with teenage girls (Hot News Flash that). But the girls, who had been a reluctant at first (several eye rolls worth) and the moms all had a blast.

The two of them will always remember that night. Maybe they will even continue with their daughters someday. I hope so. It was a special event.

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