Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Love is not silent.

Here's a story that will tell you something about my family of origin:

One day, when my daughter was 5, she was sitting up on the kitchen counter next to me while i was doing somesuch or other. She turns to me and says "Mommy, when i get older will you stop telling me you love me?"

Me (wondering where the hell that question came from): "No honey, I'll never stop telling you that i love you. "

Her: "How come Grams and Bo don't tell you they love you?" (These are my parents, her grandparents.)

Me (realizing that we had just come from visiting them, and that this child is observing EVERYTHING): "They never did honey."

Her: "That's sad."

I still feel sad (i think for me) when i think about that conversation. And i tell my daughter i love her at least once a day.

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urban-urchin said...

I am sorry that you grew up without being told you were loved.

From what I've read about you and your daughter you are doing a very good job of making sure she doesn't suffer the same fate.

Children need to hear it as much as they need to see it. Hell- grow ups do to.

Will be adding you to my daily read.