Monday, July 03, 2006

Queen of Indirect

My dad is going to be 80 in September. So about 6 months ago (my mom has the hyperactive planning gene that she passed on to me) my mom asked if she could have a party for my dad at our house, as it is bigger than hers. Absolutely, i said. That would be fine, i said. Happy to help, i said.

So, 4 months go by and nothing else has been said. MY hyperactive planning gene is beginning to awaken. So i call my mom and ask her some questions. Like "Are you going to have it catered? What time of day," etc.....

Her answer: "Oh, whatever you want."

So it looks like the original question she asked in her mind was "I want you to have a party for your dad on his birthday, Okay?"

I should have known. This is a classic example of my mom's indirectness.

Went to lunch with my oldest brother soon after this and had a good laugh. He offered to help me do the planning and the party. I love my brother.


Bored Housewife said...

I just cruised through a few of your posts, and here are some comments:

1. on the muskrats story--that lady had ISSUES! Holy cow that was funny! Your comment seemed so pleasant and not at all a one-up kind of comment. Crazy.

2. The whole internet and teenagers thing scares the BEJEEEZUS out of me. I'm glad I have sons...they are only 6 but I can't imagine what'll be happening by the time they're old enough to be social like that. EEEEK. I love the way you're handling it. It sounds like your daughter is going to be very safe and make wise choices.

3. Great blog. :)

meno said...

Thanks for your comments!

By the time your kids start socializing on the internet, maybe it will feel less like the wild wild west. Or maybe they'll be jocks instead of a geek like my kid.