Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tin Grin

Having a 15 year old daughter makes me think back and remember what it was like being 15. Here's something that i had forgotten about and just remembered yesterday.

I wanted to be someone who i was not. I wanted to be cute and little, i wanted to be cool, not clueless. I wanted to be thought of as deep and quiet. I thought that i talked too much and much of what i said was stupid. (Which of course it was, i was deeply socially inept.)

So what was my solution? I wadded up a ball of tin foil and put it in my mouth to remind me to shut up. I actually walked around for three or four days like that. I had to push this tin ball to the side of my mouth to talk. I must have looked and sounded like a complete idiot. After no one noticed the new, deeper me, after four whole days, i abandoned the effort. At least i didn't choke on it.

I shake my head and laugh a bit when i think of this. I hope my problem solving skills have improved over the years. I also need to remember to tell Em this story. She will look at me and say, "Poor mommy, what a wierdo".

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Anonymous said...

You couldn't pay me enough money to be 15 years old again. I used to slouch, hunch my shoulders, so that I would appear shorter. Plus I had very long bushy hair that I would wear as a veil in front of my face. I shudder to think of those days. 45 is so much better then 15...