Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Now i'm a graphic designer!

I am walking this year with my daugher, my niece and a friend in the Breast Cancer 3-Day fundraising walk. We will be walking for three days in a row, 20 miles a day. I did this three years ago, right after my mother was diagnosed (she's fine, minus a boob and a half, but fine) and swore i would never do it again, but then my kid wanted to walk, and so here i am. We have really been having fun doing the training walks together and my daughter (I think i'll call her Em going forward. "My daughter" is too hard for me to type repeatedly.) tells me all kinds of things that i might not normally hear.

The most fun part for me is designing a T-shirt. Here is the front:

For anyone who wants to know what i look like, I am the tall purple one.

And here is the back:

Walking Down Mammary Lane is our team name. That was my idea. Those pink things on the ms are supposed to be nipples. Hey, i was working with Word using Draw. It's the best i could do.

I am going to print these on the color printer using this cool iron-on paper and put them on light purple tank tops for the whole team.

The whole event is really pretty fun. Lots of boob jokes and silly hats. Our walk is at the end of August.

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