Saturday, July 29, 2006

Rat Breath

I am typing this with a cat in my lap. A cat who brought me a dead rodent this morning. Nothing says i love you like a dead rat, that's for sure.

The lion sleeps now, but woe unto any rodent, bunny, bird or snake that crosses his path tonight.

Last summer he brought me a very small bunny that was still quite lively, despite missing a large patch of hair off it's tiny fuzzy butt. I threw the cat into the bathroom and cornered the bunny with a dish towel. I called Em down to look at this, the cutest of all potential kills. She took one look and squealed, "Oh his name is Timothy. Can we keep him?"

But no, i took Timothy outside and left him in peace under a bush. And kept Mr. Murderer in the house until Timothy could recover and hop off.

This morning the offering was not so cute and quite dead. I can't really feel too badly about a dead mole. Maybe i can rent Darth Kitty out for mole removal service. Time to make him earn his keep. I can hardly keep him in catnip.


Anonymous said...

Can i rent the cat? We have moles all over out yard, taking over and leaving ugly brown piles. Not the same piles as the dog though.

meno said...

Brown piles are unpleasant no matter their origin. Although the mole type smell better.