Monday, July 24, 2006

Object lesson

I woke up Sunday morning and turned on my computer to read the gossip on IMDB and look at blogs, which is what i do in the morning whilst i fondle my cup of tea.

The dreaded "Blue Screen of Death" appeared. At my puzzled "WTF?", my husband, who is the knower of all things geek, got out of bed to see what the problem was.

Dead. Kaput. Catostrophic hard drive failure.

Have i backed anything up? Umm, no i am an idiot, and he never told me to. All my pictures, all my e-mail (i begin to see the advantages of a web based system), all my excel files with the finances of Em's school's parent association, of which i am the treasurer, all my Word files.

Shit shit shit shit.

So i packed up the useless piece of crap this morning and sent it off to a data recovery service to see if they could do anything for me and how much blackmail money they will charge me to do it.

I always think that computers will work. And if they don't, my husband can always fix it. I also still believe in the tooth fairy and that life is fair.

The only good news is that the computer has 72 days left on the warranty. Take THAT Dell!

Oh, and y'all go and back up your stuff, i want to be an object lesson for you.


Tracy Helgeson said...

Computers are the ultimate in planned obsolescence. When they die as ours often have, you also have to upgrade (buy) new printers, scanners, programs, etc, or at the very least new and very expensive adaptors. All of this makes my blood boil.

You have inspired me to back up my files to a DVD. Of course I'll have to do it again when the next new format comes along.

Anonymous said...

Had the same problem with my less than 1 year old Dell. I would never buy a Dell again as they were no help at all. Hope all turns out well.

amusing said...

I need to get a back up hard drive; it's been on my list of things to do.

And I was also going to upgrade my laptop(mine's Dell) but with the company tanking, I don't want to go with Dell again. What are you going to get to replace yours?