Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Curse, Part II

The curse strikes again!

Against my better judgment i went to the movies with my husband last night. And sure enough, as soon as the previews started, THEY came in and sat in the row behind us to the left. It was a young woman and her mother. They proceeded to chat as if they were sitting in their living room.

It didn't actually bother me too much as the movie was boring (Miami Vice), but the husband was pissed. I sat through the movie without fidgeting and sighing too much as a gift to him, because he's a guy, and lots of things were blowing up and people were being shot. Cool!

I did turn around during the movie and try to take a picture of them with my phone, but it was too dark.

After the movie, they were out in the hall so i told them just how annoying their talking had been and asked them to please not talk in movies in the future. I was trying to be pretty nice about it. The young woman replied, "Oh yeah, well fuck you!" Sigh, how articulate.

I told her that i had taken her picture and was going to post it on my web site: "Assholes who talk in movies". She gasped in horror! It was childish of me, but maybe she'll shut up during her next movie. (I can dream can't i?)

I know i should never use the power of the internet for evil, only for good. **Rubs hand together and cackles.**


Anonymous said...

Cackling in solidarity!

I don't go the movies very often, but when I do I want to be able to hear the dialog. Nothing pisses me off more then rude, inconsiderate people. Good for you!

Lynnea said...

You rock! So many people are afraid to let others know when they are being rude. That's awesome.

amusing said...

So she doesn't mind being an asshole to you, directly to your face, but the idea of being identified as one on the internet, to complete strangers, horrifies her? Good god, what is becoming of the world?

meno said...

amusing, amazing ain't it? I might have to actually start such a website. Think how many people would be on it?

Bobealia... said...

LOL!!! Hilarious!