Sunday, August 20, 2006

Weekend update

Tracy asked how the boyfriend was with the skinny dipping. He turned out to be okay. I think he's reserved. He did fine w/the skinny-dipping. He was expecting it. I don't think it was really his thing as he had some trouble getting into the water, complaining about the cold. The rest of us were swimming around like a bunch of slightly tipsy minnows.

I still hope for Aileen's sake that he is a more interesting person than he let on. But i won't write him off yet either. Sometimes people grow on you. Right (she said hopefully)

Next weekend is the breast cancer 3-Day walk for the Seattle area. Em and i are walking in it, and so we met with our other team members at my mom's house on Sunday morning because she lives right on the Burke-Gilman trail, a great place for walking long distances. My mom greets my friend, Nicole, whom she has never met before, by saying "Oh, i'm fine because just i just found out yesterday morning that i don't have breast cancer." I don't think this would bug you as much as it did me because you don't know what a fucking martyr my mother can be.

She got a call back on her mammogram for an ultrasound. Just so you can know what a terrible daughter i am, that happens to me everytime i get a mammogram because i have something they like to refer to as "dense breasts". I don't think they are any dumber than anyone elses breasts, but that's what they say. (Ha ha, me so funny.) And my mother has had breast cancer and has had a mastectomy. So i could sure as hell be less of an unfeeling bitch. But really, what is Nicole supposed to say to that ice breaking comment?

"Gee it's nice to meet you Mrs. Menosmom. Wow, that's great. You must be so relieved. Myself, i just found out this morning that i don't have an obstructed bowel."


Bobealia... said...

It just bugs you 'cause she's your mom. If I were your friend, I would think she was just saying whatever popped into her head, which is something I like about people. Reserved people make me want to poke them in the belly button just to see what it will make them do. Oh, and I've done that before... Maybe that's what you should do to your mom the next time she's posing as a martyr?

Tracy Helgeson said...

Thanks for the mention. Now I can sleep after knowing that the boyfriend did ok. Give him a chance to grow on you. I tend to be too quick to judge, yet have been so pleasantly surprised when I give someone some time. And I appreciate getting time too because I can come off as a total idiot at first, or sometimes longer, alas.

My mom is still capable of embarrassing me in public (she has a tendency to tell store employees her entire life history plus her travel plans), but most people like her. Go figure.

Lynnea said...

Meno, my mom should meet your mom! She did the same thing with great drama over a tiny polyp found in her colon that once removed cured her. Of course, that hasnt stopped her to this day, now two years later, speaking of her "ordeal". I love her and it scared me, but enough is enough.

meno said...

bo, i'm sure my friend didn't think anything bad about it, it's the years of history behind it that got me.
Between you and Tracy, i got the biggest laugh out of your comments. One time, when i was maybe 17, we were shopping at the Big & Tall store and my mother was blabbing on and on to the sales guy about her life, i actually did pick up a straight pin and poke her in the side with it. She screeched, but she did stop talking about herself.
maggie: Exactly! Everyone goes through this stuff, no need to milk it for years.

i view her comments like this as a way to get someone to ask her a question so that she can then talk about herself.

Marshamlow said...

My mom is the same way. The only thing worse is when she starts telling strangers my life story with me standing there. It usually isn't the flattering version either.