Thursday, August 10, 2006

Vacating geeks

So, i am in a hotel room in Seaside Oregon, using their "free high-speed internet access". Across the table from me sits the Mister, on his laptop. We are such total geeks.

We got here last night just before midnight and then had to leave again on a quick food and wine run. The local Safeway stays open until 1:00 am, thank god.

This is a town of salt water taffy and skee ball and bumper cars and many shops selling sea gull art. How many ways can a sea gull be carved, painted, sculpted, cast, stitched, printed, silk screened or glued together from bits of shell, rocks and driftwood you ask. I have the answer. More than there are sea gull poops on our car this morning. We should be able to complete our whole new art collection without leaving town.

It's fun to be out of town and alone with the Mister. We took a long walk down the beach this morning and i took lots of pictures of odd patterns and shapes of rocks and dead crabs and irridescent shells and water. Might show you some later if any are worthy. My camera software is on my desktop back at our estate.

I have also decided to tell the story of how we got together, lo those many, many years ago, when i get home and have some privacy. I can tell you that it involves treachery and deceit and broken hearts, well sort of.


Lynnea said...

The seagulls, you had me at I remember those shops on our summer trips down the coast. You'd think the vacationing population would be inundated with little wooden seagulls and sea captains by now, apparently not.

I cant wait to hear your story, oh also cant wait to be out of town with my mister, you lucky dog.

Lucia said...

Ooh..please tell us the story of treachery, deceit and broken hearts! You must tell it now that this teaser is out there. (Sounds like a grand day at the beach!)

Bobealia... said...

I kind of wish I was seaside right now. When do we get to hear more about the sex?

Dick said...

Thanks for your visit to my blog. You are right in that we live about in the same area. When I retired we wanted to get out of Pugetopolis, so moved north to Skagit County.

Seaside and the whole Oregon Coast is a beautiful area. It has always been one of our favorite places to go with the RV. If you get to Tillamok be sure to tour the cheese factory & have an ice cream cone.

meno said...

I have saved my Monday afternoon for the telling of the story.

The sex? Yep. (Supply details from your own fevered imaginations, i'm shy)

Dick, we're not going to make it to Tillamook this trip, but we did buy some cheddar. To eat in bed. After the sex. Yum.

Lowa said...

We were just there in Seaside last August.

LOVED the bumper cars, etc. Be sure and get the shaved ice it is SO GOOD.

Have fun having sex with the Mister.