Sunday, August 06, 2006

Not the plan i had for the day

I hate it when stereotypes are reinforced. I don't always want the world's pre-conceived notions to be correct.

This morning husband went on a Starbucks scones and coffee run for me and three teenage girls who stayed up all night squealing. He took my car as it needed gas, and he likes to be a sweetie and fill it up for me, lest my delicate hands be sullied by gas smell.

Anyway, he's gone for less than 10 minutes when i get a phone call. Someone had run a stop sign and bashed into the rear side of my car. Husband is fine, but shaken up as he didn't even see them coming and two of the side airbags had deployed (thank god) and all this scared the bejesus out of him. He was hit so hard that the car had spun around 180 degrees.

So i rush up there in his car in time to see my car being pushed out of the middle of the road and come to find out that the other car was driven by a man who speaks no English, and better yet, HAS NO FUCKING INSURANCE. Shit.

I do know that it could have been worse, and i am very grateful that he is okay. On the other hand, we could have done without this.


urban-urchin said...

that totally sucks- I'm so sorry. Is he going to pay?

meno said...

No, our insurance will pay as we have Uninsured Motorist's coverage. But my insurance company will go after him and make his life a living hell, attach his wages, put a lien on his car and be a real pain in the ass until he pays them. And it ain't gonna be cheap. Hubby estimates 12k, and i estimate 15k. We'll see what the body shop says.

I suspect that he is not in this country legally however, so he may just disappear. But i guess that's not my concern, except that i am pretty fucking pissed.

amusing said...

Stupid bad drivers are one of my pet peeves.
They scare me.
Because I'm being careful -- but they put me and my kids at risk.