Thursday, August 17, 2006

The last words....probably.

This is the last post i will do for a while about being tall. I swear. But people keep bringing up interesting things that i want to talk about further.

The reactions i sometimes get from men who are shorter than i am have often puzzled me and sometimes, much more so when i was younger, hurt my feelings. Now that i am older, i realize that (brace yourselves) NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT ME. Yes, it's true. An unusual reaction from someone i barely know is much more likely to be about them.

Some men have ignored me. I felt like i wasn't viewed as a female in their eyes. This was hurtful. It made me feel like Godzilla lumbering down the streets of Tokyo chasing Mothra, a huge lumbering beast who was likely to destroy furniture and tip plants over. Not a feeling i wanted to have when i was in my teens and early 20s. Inside my personal fantasy was a small Tinkerbelle like creature who flitted from flower to flower delicately sipping the dew from flowers. (Now there's a suggestive image!)

Sometimes they are funny. Like a professor i once had who looked at me in his office where i had come for help and said abruptly , "You! You sit down." He was about 5'6".

Sometimes, when i am meeting some man for the first time and i happen to be sitting down, i can watch their eyes grow bigger and bigger as i stand up and up and up. That amuses me now too.

Some men are comfortable with me and i like this the best. I had some male friends in high school who were short. One time when i was whining about wanting to be cute and little, one of them said, "I don't know about little, but you sure are cute". What a sweetie.

Okay, i am done with tall. Unless something funny happens.

An update: My car is going to take at least two months to repair. I am driving a crappy rental car that smells like Joe Camel was the previous driver.


Marshamlow said...

Perhaps you can view your height as your own personal asshole detector. My daughter is tall and I am jealous.

Lucia said...

Any chance you'll reveal your true height so we don't have to do any fancy math tricks?

meno said...

marshamlow, you know, i kind of do that, but i've never put it quite that way. I like it. It's sometimes been useful too.

lucia, It's no secret, i did a post about it back in June. I am between 6' and 6'1". I don't think it's all that tall, but the reaction of the world tells me otherwise.

Antonia Cornwell said...

When I was 13 years old, I got my first boyfriend. I was 4'10". He was 6'9". We never kissed. We only lasted one date, in a cinema, of me trying to break his thumb as he tried to wedge his hand as far into my knickers as he could.

Even if he'd been a perfect gent though, I don't think we'd have lasted terribly long. I couldn't even hear what he was saying (although this was probably a secret to a long and happy relationship).

Having lived a life of "Wow, you're really short, aren't you?" and longing for some more legs, I really like reading things from your perspective.

Bobealia... said...

I was going to comment, but I've decided to write my own post about how I used to be tall. Later. Right now I have to go to work even though I'm still really sick because A) it's the last day and B) I don't get paid when I don't go. So, check in later this evening for my story on height.

Lynnea said...

Now see, I was sure everything was about me...hmm. :-)

Andrea said...

I hear you about once not liking being tall and now totally embracing it, I'm 5'10" myself so I hear your pain there..
but glad to hear you have accepted it and enjoy being tall now, it's a power thing, I love it

meno said...

antonia: 6'9" huh. Bet you would have been fun for him to shower with. I hope you at least sprained his thunb.

bo, (is it okay if i call you bo?); i look forward to the shrinking you story.

maggie: nope, it's always been me me me me.

andrea: it IS a power thing! and i use the power, mostly for good, sometimes for evil. heh!

Anonymous said...

I think you're cute too.

More stories about being an Amazon woman please!

Andrea Frazer said...

I love your 6'1. So their. PS : I also know you hate peepole who can't spell or know there punctuation.

Dick said...

Tall, like old, is a matter of comparison. It is also something we can't do anything about. When in college I had a male friend who was 5' 1" tall. He had a real problem until he met a young lady who was 4' 11" and they hit it off, are still married 40+ years later. His biggest problem turned out to be driving cars. It was hard to get close enough to the pedals without having the steering wheel imbedded into him.

I am about 5' 11" so about in the middle for a male and it has never been a problem. Our old high school basketball coach loked longingly on my friend, Wes, who was 6' 6" in high school. He wasn't interested in sports but has spent 38 years now as a chemistry professor at an eastern university. I think he is more successful than he would have been as a basketball player.

Be who you are. That is what is important. If your hieght is a problem for some people, that is their problem, not yours.