Friday, August 11, 2006

Rampant consumerism

Just a quick one today, whilst the Mister is deeply engaged in his own computer.

We went to Cannon Beach (a more upscale town than this one, the seagull art is more likely to be cast in bronze) for a while today and i went to this fancy boutique and found a Blue Willi's sweater that i HAD to buy. It cost $317.00 people. (gack!) But i had no choice as the sleeves were TOO LONG. I have to roll them up a little. This does not happen to me. Usually my wrists stick out a good two inches from my clothes. And the nice saleslady told me that it should last for at least 10 years. She wouldn't lie to me would she?

There is a beach volleyball tournament here this weekend. There are lots of fine young men running around sans shirts. In the interest of their health (and paying for my sweater), i am going down to the beach with a big bottle of sunscreen and offer to rub it all over their bodies for a nominal fee.


Karen Jacobs said...

Ha! I'm so used to pushing too short sleeves up on my forearm that they feel weird if they're long enough to hang at proper length.

Marshamlow said...

Congrats on the sweater, you deserve it. I hope you make a fortune with the sunscreen or at least get to have a really fun day!

I so want that job, sunscreen applicator to gorgeous young men. Can I send you my resume?

Anonymous said...

Can I join you? Rubbing lotion onto young, hard male bodies sounds like FUN!

And congrats on scouring the sweater. I have the same sleeve problem. Wear it with joy!

meno said...

I knew you all would understand about the sweater.

And you are all hired. There are 79 volleyball nets set up in the sand here, so there are plenty of sunscreen palettes available for us all.

Bobealia... said...

Am I like the only short blogger??? I swear, I read gossip sites and they comment that so-and-so is so short, or so-and-so has sexy legs for someone who is so short, and the actress will be a full 2 inches taller than me. I actually have long arms for a short person, oh and big feet too, so I understand about the arm thing. I like my sleeves long. I actually fall at the tall end of petite sizes, but my arms are a little long for the jackets.
If you are making all the money putting on the sunscreen, then I think I will take the job of towelling them off when they come out of the water.
Glad you like my cat's ass. ;0)

meno said...

Bo, naw you aren't the only short one. Jen over at Not Calm Dot Com is short too. I'm sure there are others.......somewhere.

I got the big feet thing covered though. My shoes come eqipped with oar holes. But hey, you can't build a palace with no foundation.

Antonia Cornwell said...

Hi Bo! I'm standing on tiptoe and waving but you might not be able to see: I'm either 5'2" or 5'3". Can't remember. Depends how much sleep I've had.

I have the converse problem: trousers that don't drag along the ground and end up with a bite taken out of the hem at the back. When I find jeans that fit, I spend the equivalent of $317 on enough pairs to last me a lifetime. Just do it.

(I am an Amazon next to my mother, who is 4'10" and getting smaller every day.)

amusing said...

Blue Willi?

Whoever picked that name for a company is having a bit of a giggle.

urban-urchin said...

What a kind and compassionate person you are to be so concerned about these poor young men and their skin cancer prevention!

Everyone deserves a $300 sweater at least once in their life- enjoy.

meno said...

amusing, Blue Willi's is a Danish company. Must be cold there. :)

urban-urchin, i'm a giver, what can i say?