Monday, August 07, 2006

Weekly recap

This week's numbers:
Dead Rodents: 3
Cigarettes: 0
People commenting on my height: 2

Inspired by one tall momma I am thinking of doing a "why i started a blog" post, but after having a glass of wine or two, i may have to wait for another time. I will say that i wanted to have a way to talk about things in my life that i have no one with whom to share. The friends i have are great, but, for example, sometimes i need to complain about my husband, and i feel i can't do that with a friend who then is going to turn around and socialize with the two of us. It's not fair to the friend, or to my husband.

I started this whole business anonomously for a reason. I wanted to be able to be completely honest. At least, i wanted to be able to try. No one whom i know in real life knows about my blog, not even my husband (although i think he's getting suspicious).

Inspired by kirala I need to think more about the stories i tell about my daughter. How much right do i have to tell her stuff? Even if anonymously? I know that anonymous doesn't always stay that way.

I retired from my job almost two years ago. I started reading a few blogs soon after. Fussy was my first, and still a favorite. After reading several blogs for over a year (not one to rush into things am i) i decided to start commenting. And recently decided that i was ready to start my own. I continue to learn things as i go. Some of the etiquette escapes me, and it's easy to be misunderstood in written communication. My extensive use of sarcasm doesn't always translate well to print. I never say anything that i think is mean or critical in a comment. If i don't like a blog, i don't read it.

But i love it when new people comment, and i head off to read their stories. What an amazing world of interesting, intelligent, complicated people. I really like the sense of community that i feel i am building with people all over the planet. How cool is that?


Lynnea said...

I know what you mean about community. The coolest thing I've been discovering is just how small the world is - like cyber meeting you and I grew up in a town just outside of Seattle. Now here I am in Quebec, Canada - whoda thunk? I'm glad you decided to start blogging, I really enjoy yours.

Tracy Helgeson said...

I debated about whether to be anonymous or not when I started to do my blog. After I decided not to be and especially after giving my mom the site, I knew I had to censor myself a bit. I wish I had time to start an anonymous blog where I can complain about everything!

I really enjoy the whole community thing too.

meno said...

Maggie, thank you for the compliment! I am really ahving a good time3 doing this too.

Tracy, you can always borrow my blog to complain, i'll never tell! If i had let my mom know, that would have left me with not much to say as i still rarely share anything with her.

Bobealia... said...

I love the community feeling too. I just started over anonymously not long ago (May I think) because someone in real life started freaking me out and I didn't want them to read my blog and know absolutely everything about me. Some of the people I've been blogging with for about a year know my real identity, and I think my husband could find my blog if he tried. I don't have any answers for you. My husband doesn't want his life to be out there, so I try to make it about me... not about him. Of course parts of his life, including his current status as a medical student, really affect my life, so they get blogged about. It's a balance I guess.

meno said...

Hey, thanks for coming by.
Medical student huh? Yeah, that's not a life style for wimps.

Interesting that you had to start over. I'm curious about what happened (in a general, non creepy sort of way). That's the second time i've read that someone had to do that in the past week or so. If i spend time looking through your archives will i find out?

amusing said...

Especially in these "later in life years" it gets hard to make real live people friends. Everyone is busy with family, existing friendships, work, etc. So I've turned to blogland and have found wonderful people to learn about and "meet"